Rielle Speaks ....Again


The seemingly never-ending train wreck of John Edwards’ once promising political career jumped the tracks again Thursday, when Rielle Hunter, the most famous political mistress this side of Camilla Parker-Bowles, decided to tell her story once more, no doubt for the benefit of the five people in the United States who have yet to figure out exactly who she is.

In keeping with the spirit of the New Age mumbo jumbo she used to justify the affair in a GQ interview published last month, Hunter bared her soul to TV’s high priestess of self-actualization Oprah Winfrey, opining about how she began a relationship with Edwards to help him in his search to become “more his authentic self” and “to live a life of truth.” That quest included making the infamous sex tape “in the heat of the moment,” and, in the act that brought the entire mess to public attention, making a decision to not use birth control.

There’s really not a lot left to say here except GO AWAY NOW. PLEASE.

About a year ago, Caitlin Flanagan penned a piece for The Atlantic, where she managed to explain everyone’s motivation in this depressing and sordid triangle in a way that made sense the desperation of a 40something woman given a last and perhaps unexpected chance at parenthood, how the death of their teenage son  destroyed John and Elizabeth Edwards’ world, and why the terminally ill Elizabeth Edwards might have felt impelled to write her pathetic and sad memoir as a way of making sure Rielle Hunter never got the opportunity to become her children’s step-mother.

If the main players were smart, Flanagan’s article should have been the last word on this embarrassing mess. The Edwards/Hunter affair is one of those stories that has managed to slime pretty much every single solitary person involved in it from the main players to the political operatives who had the misfortune to witness it all.

Alas, the virtue of simply keeping quiet is not something appreciated by many with even the most tangential of connections to this imbroglio. Jenny Sanford, whose own 15 minutes of fame via spousal victimization will hopefully end soon, decided to check in on The View Thursday to opine that Hunter really, really shouldn’t have had an affair with a married man. Thanks, Jenny. We wouldn’t have known that if not for you.

About the only one who seems to have not weighed in on this, is arguably the person who stands to suffer the most the child. But give her time. She’s only two.