Rob Riggle Helps Out The Knocked Up and Naughty



Right between ‘pediatrician’ and ‘bottles glass vs. plastic’ on her to-do list, a pregnant lady has a more naughty task written in her notepad…‘sex’. Thing is this pregnant lady just happens to be single. So what is a girl who’s feeling randy to do? Enlist the help of Rob Riggle of course.

In a Funny or Die sketch, the female protagonist tries to get it on with the old Daily Show correspondent, but instead is fraught with flatulence, painful positions, the need for frequent urination and more. A hilarious bit is when going in for a bikini wax, the salon staffer tries to convince her to get her hair down there sculpted into a pacifier…classy!

 You can check out the skit – Casual Sex Episode Three – right here.

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