Robbers Nab Nappies


Diaper in use

I would never have guessed that Tulsa, Oklahoma, would be a hotbed of criminal activity, but apparently the 45th-largest city in the nation is not without its darker side.  Consider, if you will, this story of an unfortunate mother who, while out for a stroll with her one-and-a-half-year-old, was accosted by three hooligans.  One asked to borrow the mother’s mobile phone, another pulled out a gun, and the third sprayed the woman with pepper spray.

The thieves then grabbed the woman’s diaper bag and took off.  I guess even in the Midwest, wandering around at 1am on a Tuesday morning is not the best idea.  Luckily, the woman only suffered minor injuries from the pepper spray; the toddler was unharmed.

I will say, however, that the police officers who talked to the reporter must not have been parents.  According to the article, “police said the only thing the robbers got of value was the woman’s cell phone.”  Clearly, they’ve never found themselves at one in the morning facing a screaming toddler with a dirty diaper and no clean ones to be found.  The cell phone was the least of her worries!

Photo: Pascal79

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