Romanian Mom Gives Birth to a Baby (Gorilla?)


15-pound-baby-and-normal-sizePrepare to cross your legs!

A Romanian woman has given birth to an enormous baby girl, Luciana Munteneau. She’s more than twice the size of many newborns and several inches longer. Luciana joins her eight other siblings, all of whom were on the bigger side but none of whom reached her epic proportions.

So, how about the stats.

15 pounds and 24 inches long. What a big baby!

Luciana’s mother she knew she was carrying a lot of baby this pregnancy, too. Thing is, she sort of suspected she would give birth to twins.

No word on whether it was a c-section. I mean, you just really have to hope.

Check out big ol’ Luciana. Don’t you just want to invite the whole neighborhood over to snack on her? I love fat babies.

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