Rounding Up the Mommy Wars

Here at Babble, we’ve taken on the discussion of Mommy Wars. If we’ve learned one thing from this discussion – well, everyone has their own personal opinion and perception of the topic.

As a mom to 4 kids, I have felt the heat of the mommy war debacle since my first pregnancy 10 years ago. I was working in corporate America. The first battle I was presented with was the will you work or stay home with your baby battle. After not being able to breastfeed, I had to become a traitor and cross enemy territory from breastfeeder to becoming a formula mom, entering yet another war zone. When I chose to delay vaccinations with our second child, I was slapped with the “oh no, her kid isn’t fully vaccinated” barrage and was then thrown over to the vaccination war. I took every comment or remark made about my preference personally. I became wounded time and time again in the mommy war battle.

After my fourth child, I came to realize something that changed my view on the mommy wars situation. While yes, I agree the media loves the term and the idea of such – the ONLY mommy war battle that should matter to me is the one that I had been having with myself.  My self mommy battle was attempting to be the best mom from the opinions of others. When I learned to stop and just figure out what was best for OUR family – without worrying the world says, I declared Mommy War victory.  Sadly it took several kids to figure out this tidbit – but I’m happy to now mute out the voices of judgement.

The beautiful thing about the world we live in is the ability to voice our opinions. Check out the views of these other Babble bloggers and their thoughts on the Mommy Wars:

  • The Peace Talks 1 of 6
    mommy wars

    What do parents think of the Mommy Wars? Click thru this series to learn the various opinions from Babble bloggers.

  • Why Can’t We All Just Get Along 2 of 6
    Mommy Wars - Erin

    Erin at First Time Around wants us to all just get along....

    We are part of an exceptional sisterhood – a group of women who breastfeed and don’t breastfeed and breastfeed for a long time and who work from home and stay at home and work long hours and work for free. We’re mothers. We care for our children in ways that are as different as the shoes that line our closet. We are sneakers, running after toddlers and wiping noses and packing lunches. We are pumps, attending conferences and leading meetings and hosting office hours. We are slippers, making pancakes and cleaning countertops and folding laundry.

    Read Let's Kick Off the Combat Boots Ladies 

  • The Divide Doesn’t Exist 3 of 6
    What Mommy Wars

    Kelly from Mocha Mamma Has Something to Say suggests that the divide doesn't really exist...

    The divide doesn’t exist, moms. This is my plea to get us to stop engaging in the conversation, shift the narrative to more important topics of allowing women to move up and enter into the workplace if they so choose, and to stop allowing the mere words “Mommy Wars” to get us to take up our battles and play them out for the sake of the media. Really. We’re just far too busy raising children.

    Read What Mommy Wars

  • Team Work 4 of 6
    Ways Dads Can Lean In

    Dad Camp says... 

    Parenting is a team sport. 

    Read 5 Ways Dads Can Lean In

  • Tearing Each Other Down 5 of 6
    Tearing Each Other Down

    Katherine Stone weighs in with her thoughts on the "Mommy Wars" and why she thinks 

    I struggle to understand why some people feel so strongly about their own cause that they can’t begin to see that a differing opinion may have at least some value. Is it worth being painfully and sometimes even viciously critical to make sure everyone knows your opinion is wayyyyyy better?

    Read Tearing Each Other Down Holds Back All Women

  • What They’re Good For 6 of 6
    mommy wars

    Mommy Wars being a good thing?? Check out what Catherine Connors has to say about the subject...

    Read Mommy Wars - The Peace Talks

For the complete Babble Discussion, read the series:  Mommy Wars: The Peace Talks

For more on ‘leaning in’, and for buckets of inspiration toward being intentional and empowered in our choices (motherhood-related or otherwise) and our lives (including inspiring stories from many Babble bloggers that you know and love), visit the Lean In communityAnd maybe join the Lean In community. It’s a movement for all of us.

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