Royal Baby Tributes: Paintings, Cookies, Bottles and More


Kate Middleton’s royal lady parts expelled a Prince today! Hooray! Here are some of the strange, clever and cute royal baby tributes we’ve found or been sent so far:

  • The Royal Sonogram Cookie 1 of 8
    royal baby

    Made by Jennifer Thurston of Not Your Momma's Cookie. Used with permission.

  • The Royal Family in Play-Doh 2 of 8
    royal baby

    According to a rep who sent this to us: "Made completely of 100% Play-Doh compound, the royal sculpture took over five hours to create and more than 30 cans of Play-Doh compound to complete!"

  • Our Little Prince Royal Baby Bottle 3 of 8
    royal baby

    Fit for royalty, but created for little ones everywhere, Babies R Us honors the arrival of the royal baby with regal graphics, such as a Royal Guard and horse-drawn carriages.

  • Knit Your Own Royal Family 4 of 8
    royal baby

    From the royal baby book available from Ivy Press. Click here for more info and to download the pattern.

  • Royal Baby Onesie 5 of 8
    royal baby

    This royal collector's item is a fab reminder that your baby was born in the same year of this historical event. Made in Great Britain. Available for $18.92 on etsy.

  • Royal Baby Commemorative Plaque 6 of 8
    royal baby
  • Royal Baby Portrait 7 of 8
    royal baby

    Pictured is artist Kaya Mar with his interpretation of the royal birth. Photo by Flickr user ian_fromblighty, used with permission.

  • Cake Middleton 8 of 8
    royal baby

    Artist Nadine Moon from Who Made the Cake painting her edible royal baby tribute.


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