RTs and Twitter Replies From Celebs Are the New Autograph


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How about an RT for your biggest fan?!

The Washington Post‘s Sports section reported recently on a phenomenon that reaches far beyond the athletic arena: RTs and Twitter replies are the new autograph. Makes perfect sense, right? Getting attention from a sports figure, politician, media personality or celeb on Twitter feels like a huge score, and is a lot easier to get than “standing in line for hours, hoping for a scribbled, barely legible autograph on a wrinkled piece of paper. Or jockeying for spots behind the dugout, on the off chance a signed ball or batting glove gets tossed your way.”

And sometimes a response from a celeb can turn into big news and new fans for the little guy, too.

According to The Washington Post, “A few weeks ago, New England Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco, perhaps the most prolific athlete on Twitter, showed up on the doorstep of a follower who invited him to come over after Ochocinco tweeted that he was driving around Miami. When Ochocinco posted photos of their meeting, the follower’s timeline was flooded with so many messages he’d need until next month’s NFL draft to respond to them all.”

I can relate. When composer Jason Robert Brown tweeted a video of me performing a mashup of one of his songs with an Eminem track, I got like, at least 5 Facebook messages when I posted about it. (Totally almost the same.) But it does feel special when people you idolize reach out to you on the web. Newark mayor Cory Booker (so adorable!) sent me a DM once, and I just might honestly frame it next to his photo. Actress Mary Birdsong (from Reno 911) RT’d something I wrote on Strollerderby about a video she made and (currently suspended) CNN contributor Roland S. Martin RT’d me about his Memorial Day Cookout Rules. Our Cecily K. tweeted recently, “Um. I’m kinda freaking out, cause @DianeSawyer just retweeted me. Hi! *waves to legendary news lady*.”

I think my favorite online interaction with a notable individual has to be when Rebecca Walker reached out to me on Facebook to talk about the ego trip shows I did for VH1. I took a screen shot of our convo. It’s not an autograph, but it’ll do.

Have you had any great online interactions with people you might not otherwise be able to reach?

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