Running a Business from Home Improves Friendships & Your Love Life

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Working from home has its benefits!

According to, “the leading provider of easy-to-use online management tools and services for small office / home office businesses (SOHOs),” running a business from home improves the lives of the entrepreneurs willing to try it. The site surveyed 1300 people who started their own home office and found that “people who have a home office are spending more time with friends and family.” Not only that, they’re having more sex, too!

PlanetSoho notes the following lifestyle improvements among home office owners:

·         46% say the main reason they have a SOHO is to do what they love

·         46% report having more time to spend with friends and family since starting a SOHO

·         37% are sleeping better

·         14% report having more sex

I wonder if that last part is because, as a home office owner, you’re free to take your afternoon coffee break in the sack with your siggie instead of at Starbucks with a ciggie. As a home office owner myself, I was thinking about that very thing this afternoon, though I realized as a single gal, instead of the chance for an Afternoon Delight, it’s more an Afternoon Me-Light around these parts. Sigh. So I did the dishes instead. Productivity! See, Marissa Mayer? Blogging/working from home really is great!

Photo credit: iStock