San Diego Earthquake Today, Ice Cream Recall, and More


Flooding in Oklahoma City yesterday, and a San Diego earthquake today — Momversation wants to know:  Have we done something to tick off Mother Nature?

Cooling down with with a cool treat today?  Kroger is recalling ice cream — Deluxe Chocolate Paradise Ice Cream. It may contain tree nuts, but is not properly labeled. — CNN

Ada Calhoun can’t muster up any anger about the 8-year-old “Single Ladies” dancers.  Calling them this generation’s “Elvis the Pelvis,” Calhoun says:  “It’s just how we are, how we’ve always been, and probably always will be with girls: judgmental, scolding and afraid.”  Do you agree? — Salon

Lulu and her friend Leonard make an adorable pair, especially considering that Lulu is an 11-month-old girl and Leonard is an African Leopard Tortoise.  — Jezebel

LilSugar has an interesting poll today:   When parents hire a nanny, which expenses are the parents responsible for?  Food?  Mileage?   Extracurriculars or treats for the kids?  I think the answer is a clear “yes” to all of those — why are we even asking? — but then, I’ve never used a nanny.  What do you think?

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