San Diego Woman Gives Birth on the Highway


It’s a cliche’ scenario but it’s one many pregnant women envision themselves in as their due dates approach — that moment when you tell your partner ‘It’s time’ and you frantically pile into the car to speed down the highway, arriving at the hospital mere moments before your baby enters the world.

That’s exactly how the story of one San Diego couple began at midnight on Friday. Christy Henry, 29, was four days past her due date when she woke her husband, Matt, to let him know she was experiencing contractions. Only, in the time Matt dropped their toddler off with a neighbor and returned home, Christy’s labor progressed rapidly.

Despite the fact that Matt sped down the interstate at 85 miles per hour in an attempt to deliver his wife to the hospital before she delivered their son, Christy gave birth to their baby boy in the passenger seat of the car at 2:03 a.m. They noted the time on their car’s dashboard clock which was two hours from the time Christy woke her husband to alert him of her labor.

Matt, a pastor at a local church, said that he heard a sound like a water balloon popping followed by his wife confirming that, in fact, her water had just broken. After that he drove faster, but soon his wife said ‘I just had the baby’ and he looked over to see Christy holding a crying baby boy.

“My wife is such a rock star, to deliver her baby into her own hands,” Matt said.

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