Sarah Palin Resigns


In a move that has shocked political observers, Sarah Palin announced her resignation today as governor of Alaska. Was1862730

Announcements like this normally involve statements about “wanting to spend more time with family.” The wife/mother/grandmother very well may want do that, too, but the soon-to-be-former governor — who dropped this bombshell during a press conference at her home in Wasilla, with husband Todd and other family members nearby — placed more emphasis on her lack of desire to be a lame duck governor. She also strongly suggested that taking this step will allow her to free herself from all the pesky ethical investigations that have dogged her of late.

Of course, the punditocracy already is speculating that the former VP nominee made the call to do this so she can lay the groundwork for a presidential run in 2012, or that perhaps she has some other motivation that remains unclear.

One thing is clear: this story will continue to develop. In the meantime, watch part of her resignation speech courtesy of CNN.