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Sarah Palin Twitters About the Kids

By jeannesager |

sarahpalin-300x1711It’s only been three days since Sarah Palin officially ceased to be governor of the fine state of Alaska, but she’s already forgetting some of her big demands to the media.

Remember “leave my kids alone?” The former governor doesn’t. She’s now treating us all to daily tweets about none other than . . . you guessed it . . . her kids!

Take a July 25 report posted via TwitterBerry: “W/kids in camper;on World’s Best Rd Trip!To soar by Mt.McKinley&rushing rivers,we remember all of AK is BIG/WILD/GOOD LIFE;feel freedom here”

Lest you question the authenticity – Twitter has verified the Palin account as a bona fide celeb account (yes, we’ll give her that, she’s certainly a celeb . . . for what, we’re not quite sure, however). Which means Palin (presumably . . . or a staffer) is sharing details of her family vacations with the world.

They’re not earth shattering details, it’s true. They’re in a camper. Um, OK, so we get that they’re just regular joes (six pack not included). On the “world’s best rd trip.” That’s debatable, but I’ll give her that one too.

Still, I keep coming back to the question of where she’s drawing the line on what’s OK for the media to talk about and what’s not. Bristol’s pregnancy = bad. Family togetherness in the Alaskan wilderness = good. Because it’s got good spin to it?

As a writer relatively open to sharing details of my own daughter’s life online, even her name, there are things I would never consider ponying up for public consumption. You’ll never get a blow-by-blow of her bowel movements, for one thing, which is more than I can say of the children of some of my Facebook friends. But I realize I’ve given up much of my right to complain about criticism of my parenting and family when I let loose the information.

As long as you’ve got it, you can play with it. And if Palin is going to twitter about her kids, doesn’t that leave them hanging out there for us to bat around?

Image: Washington Times

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0 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Twitters About the Kids

  1. Allison says:

    Um, no. Volunteering info about your own kids is completely different than the media hounding them. I recall the Obama’s sharing their daughters bedtimes, does that mean we should be able to “bat them around” as well? How ridiculous.

  2. Mistress_Scorpio says:

    Why does anybody expect anything this chick does to make sense? Bizarro!

  3. Mon says:

    Allison- agreed! Some seem to forget that while she’s a “celeb” – she’s still a woman and a mom first – she has hurts & personal issues & wears her heart outside her chest like all other moms in the world. You may disagree w/ her politically, but that’s no reason to bat her kids around or disrespect/disregard the very personal parent-child relationship or the intense ferocity that moms protect their kids with.

  4. whall says:

    I agree with Allison – how is voluteering information on the same footing as harrassment? The fact that you treat Palin differently than, say Michelle Obama (ie, based on her politics) betrays your bias.

  5. jane says:

    Amen! Great comments Allison and whall. I totally agree. To the author, are you saying that you cannot distinguish the line between mentioning you are on a fun vacation with your family vs. David Letterman talking about your daughter getting knocked up at a baseball game? Give me a break.

  6. Mistress_Scorpio says:

    Oh, I get it, don’t talk about my kids. Listen to *me* talk about my kids. That makes sense.

  7. Ann says:

    Saying you are on vacation with your family is a lot less information than Michelle has shared. The media bias is astounding. I wish babble and it’s bloggers were not part of the propoganda machine that keeps telling us how much we should, we must, love the first family. I visit this site to escape politics. More gossip and mindless drivel please.

  8. Bunny says:

    I am immensely amused that anyone would compare the media coverage of the Obama kids to the media coverage of the Palin kids. Um – are either of the Obama girls teen moms, who didn’t wind up marrying the father of their child, who’s a skeevy redneck? Believe me, when either of the Obama girls do something newsworthy, it’ll be in the news. In the meantime, it’s not like the media are picking on Trig, Track, or Piper – they pick on Bristol because she’s done something that any person in the public eye would be picked on for. Not only that, but she’s thrown her own hat in the ring as an advocate for abstinence. Not only that, but she’s an ADULT.

    When the media or bloggers start being unkind to the other Palin kids (notably Track, who is also an adult, but has tastefully avoided the public eye, in part because he’s in the military and has more important things to do than attention-whoring), then you can cry “bias.” Until then – well, people do dumb things, people point and laugh. Learn to live with it.

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