Say Hello to Some Familiar Voices Now Blogging With Babble

Babble welcomes a diverse group of bloggers to the fold.

What happens when you take 31 of the most interesting names in parent blogging and put them in one place? Welcome to Babble Voices, our brand-spanking-new (and very pretty) section where you can catch up on all of your favorite blogs, and even find a few you didn’t know about. From well-loved ladies like Amalah, Finslippy, Chookaloonks and Girl’s Gone Child, to dad bloggers, Laid Off Dad and Backpacking Dad, to The Daily Show‘s Samantha Bee, this is the epicenter of every conversation parents are having. Politics? Check. Discipline? Check. Drinking? Check. The politics of disciplining while drinking? We’re not even going to go there. But one of our bloggers might.

For me, a parent-blogging insider (or whatever one might call someone after three years of blogging in that community), looking at the Babble Voices page was kind of like seeing my RSS reader suddenly animated and beautified.Huge kudos to Babble for being able to wrangle this extremely talented (and busy) group of popular bloggers. Many people have heard of “mommy bloggers,” but unfortunately most have heard of them only in the context of articles that paint them as self-involved, freebie-grasping attention grubbers. Which may be true of some, as it takes all types in every group, but is not remotely like most of the intelligent, thoughtful, often hilarious people that are to be found in this internet niche. Therefore, I am thrilled that the group of writers that Babble Voices has brought together might be the introduction to proper parent-blogging as it truly is to a lot of new readers.

There is a little bit of something for everyone on the Babble Voices page: Laugh along with Anissa Mayhew and her misanthropic musings, nod along with Tracey Gaugrhan-Perez’ thoughts on divorce and the parental right to happiness, or just soak up the beauty of Karen Walrand’s gorgeous photographs celebrating Gratitude Friday and leave a comment on what you are grateful for these days.  Most of all, just enjoy!