Scariest Babies in Movie History


#6 Rosemary’s Baby

You know youve played, Tickle the baby with a knife before.
You know you’ve played, “Tickle the baby with a knife” before.

Satan’s spawn, need I say more? Worst part, Satan is totally a deadbeat dad.

#5 Eraserhead

Face it, they all look like that at first.

For those of you who have not caught this David Lynch classic, Eraserhead is essentially a feature-length safe sex PSA. According to Wikipedia:

“Henry (the protagonist) is cornered by Mary’s mother and told that Mary has just had a baby after an abnormally short pregnancy. Henry is then obliged to marry her.

Mary and the baby move into Henry’s one-room apartment. The baby is hideously deformed and has an amphibious appearance: a large snout-nose with slit nostrils, a pencil-thin neck, eyes on the sides of its head, no ears and a limbless body covered in bandages. It continually whines throughout the night.”

Yep, this is horror movie about having babies. See for yourself: (check in at the :26 mark)


#3 Trainspotting

  1. adorable

Got anyone who needs to kick the habit? I suggest hiring this demonic, ceiling-crawling heroin nightmare baby. Helped me give up Sweet & Low.


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