Scary Texting and Driving PSA Is a Little Too Real


texting-driving-signRemember those mock accidents that Students Against Drunk Driving used to put together every spring — usually right before prom — when you were in high school?  You’d come to school to find a car wrecked on the school lawn, bloodied bodies strewn everywhere.

It was never very effective because — come on, we knew it was fake (unless you went to this school), and one of the “dead” victims would inevitably start laughing and ruin the whole thing.

Scare tactics are one way to get teens talking, though, and shock value isn’t wasted on them.  A new 30-minute extremely graphic PSA that’s circulating around UK schools is realistic enough to make them sit up and take notice.  The topic isn’t drunk driving, though, it’s driving while texting.

Before you watch, a disclaimer:  It’s very graphic and not appropriate if your kids are in the room.  Let us know — do you think this is an effective way to teach kids safer driving habits, or did they take it one step too far?

Photo: ford, Flickr