Scholastic Backpedals On Book With Lesbian Moms


luvyabunches_cropLast week, I wrote about the Scholastic company’s request that an author, Lauren Myracle, change her new book to eliminate a lesbian couple — the mothers of one of the main characters.  Myracle refused and Scholastic decided not to include the book in their spring book fairs.  Then people got wind and, understandably, got upset.  And now, Scholastic has changed it’s mind — the book will be available at their middle school book fairs this spring.  So why are parents and LGBT advocates still upset?

While the company says they will make the book available at their middle school book fairs, the book is actually intended for children aged 9 through 12 — elementary school age, for the most part.  Not only that, but the four girls featured in the book are fifth graders, still elementary school in almost any school district.

Well, it’s not over yet.  According to Dana Rudolph of the excellent site Mombian, activists from will be in touch with Scholastic to correct what I hope is a simple oversight.  I know that I would certainly like for my kids to be able to buy a copy when the Scholastic book fair rolls around at their elementary school.

Photo: Amulet Books