School Bus Driver Crashes Into Home; Drunk At The Wheel

School Bus Driver Crashes Into Home; Drunk At The Wheel via Babble
The crash could have been much worse.

There are many stories that have emerged from school bus rides. From the bus matron who was bullied to the student who stepped in to drive the bus when his driver became ill at the wheel, one thing is certain: as a parent you never really know what happens on a bus.

If you did, you would probably be horrified.

And if you knew what one Long Island, New York, school bus driver did, you’d likely be furious and with good reason.

Bus driver Frederick Flowers, 66, was driving a bus filled with children, ages five through eight years old,  home from school when he lost control of the bus and crashed into the side of a house.

It was later determined that Flowers was drunk at the wheel. The crash occurred right across the street from the school so he had barely driven a few feet before he lost control. Thank goodness he never made it to a highway or a heavily trafficked street. Flowers was charged with five counts of aggravated DWI. That makes his actions a felony under Leandra’s Law since he had children in the car. He was also charged with five counts of endangering the welfare of a child as well as five counts of reckless endangerment.

It seems that the school busses are in worse shape than the schools, at least in New York City. If not, the two are running a close race for being the worst. My kids took a school bus for a very short time but I admit I was uncomfortable about it the entire time. The drivers always changed, showed up late for pick-up, and arrived home late at the end of the day. I just felt generally uneasy. I would have never even considered checking to see if the driver was sober.

Luckily, all the children on the bus in this story were uninjured, and there was no one home at the house when the crash occurred, but that was out of sheer luck. Flowers did suffer injuries and is still in the hospital recovering. He will be arraigned at bedside as soon as he is well enough.

Do your kids ride the school bus? Does it ever make you uneasy?

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