School Closings Due To Snowstorm: A Very Happy Halloween!

Early snowstorm smacks Northeast.

Before you send the kids off to school today you may want to make sure school is open, particularly if you live in the Northeast. A massive snowstorm could make for a very happy Halloween indeed for little kids hankering for a snow day.

Several schools across the Northeast U.S. closed for a snow day after the record snowstorm hit the region over the Halloween weekend. It’s reported to be one of the earliest and heaviest snow falls In October for at least the past century. And one of the earliest school snow days ever recorded.

The storm reportedly dumped as much as 30 inches in some areas, left more than six million without power but the Associated Press reports that number dropped to around three million today. The storm is said to have caused the deaths of at least eight people.

Massachusetts was hit the worst prompting the governor to issue a state of emergency.  Parts of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut were slammed as well.

The Epoch Times reports “several public schools in the Portland and East Hampton areas of Connecticut were reported to be closed for all of Monday. The Worchester Telegraph reported that several schools districts in the area of Worchester, Massachusetts, were closed for all of Monday as well. A large number of schools in northern New Jersey (particularly in the counties of Essex and Morris) and dozens of schools in New York city are closed today as well.

Call ahead or log onto your school’s website or the local news website to make sure class is in session today.