School Stages Attempted Murder on Teacher as Lesson


crime-scene-investigationsA bunch of kids walked into what looked like a grisly attempted murder scene when they arrived at school last week. There was blood all over, and their teacher’s head had been bandaged.

The kids – some as young as five – freaked. And the school says no biggie.

After all – it was just a test. The kids were being set up for an in-school CSI-type lesson. But considering it took a week for the school to actually tell the kids that part – instead telling them they needed to help them solve the crime – parents are spitting mad.

Their kids thought their safe place had been broken into and their teacher abused for four whole days. The parent of one autistic child in particular says it would have been nice if they’d been warned – they still can’t convince their child that this was just a school lesson. Not all of the children were autistic, but some were as young as five – at an age when they’re too young to watch CSI on TV, nevermind have it in their classroom.

Do you think the school went too far?

Image: rhonogle via flickr

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