Schools May Get First Swine Flu Vaccine


vaccine-shot-324x205The Associated Press is reporting that your kids may get the swine flu vaccine at school this fall. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is trying to sell school officials around the U.S. on the idea that the government might need “their buildings for mass vaccinations.”

I know it isn’t meant this way, but doesn’t that sound kind of creepy? “Mass vaccinations” in school buildings? It’s very “Terminator”-esque. (Or as Christian Bale might say — “Ohhh! Gooood for you!”)

While Swine Flu (I guess the name “H1N1″ just isn’t catching on) is no worse than the regular flu that we deal with each winter, “scientists fear it may morph into a more dangerous strain.” So the U.S. is spending money trying to find a vaccine.

Here’s a thought. If they do this at schools, won’t some parents be outraged? That is, if all kids are being lined up and expected to get the shot, what will happen when some parents refuse?

Would you let your kids get a swine flu shot at school?

Source: AP via Discovery

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