Scrooge Alert! What's the Deal This Christmas Tree Tax? Busy Parents Briefing

Tree Lot
A Christmas Tree Tax? WHy?

Did you know that the fresh Christmas tree needed a PR boost? Yeah, neither did I. One person who did know that the fresh cut Christmas tree industry needed some help is President Barack Obama. And the situation is dire enough for a brand new 15-cent-per-tree tax being imposed for every tree sold. What will the fees be used for?

According to Fox News, the Agriculture Department-imposed tax will be used to support the new Christmas Tree Promotion Board, an organization that will work at trying to convince Americans to buy a real tree rather than a plastic one. They hope that they can do the same kind of thing that other promotional campaigns did like the successful “Got Milk” one. The Agriculture Department spokesman, Michael T. Jarvis, added that campaigns like that, “worked great for beef, pork, chicken, eggs.”  Although most anticipate that the 15-cent-tax will be passed on directly to the consumer at the Christmas tree lot, the The National Christmas Tree Association said in a statement that, “is not expected to have any impact on the final price consumers pay for their Christmas tree.”

But if they want better PR for the Christmas tree, doesn’t a 15-cent Scrooge like tax do the opposite?

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