Sebelius Says 40-plus Women Should Get Mammograms


Responding to the firestorm that was started by the new federal task force that suggested women under 50 do not need mammograms, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius issued a statement saying that women should get mammograms by age 40. (Yahoo! News)

The GOP Conservative Hive Mind is using the task force’s findings to bolster their unfounded claims of a government takeover of health care, and eventually… THE WORLD. It does seem like incredibly bad timing to release these findings while Democrats are in the midst of a battle to just start the freakin’ debate on their health care plan. Then again, Democrats were never accused of being good at this whole politics thing. This leads to my theory that we should get rid of all political parties. But that’s a topic for another day. (Wall Street Journal)

Speaking of the health care bill, Harry Reid and company unveiled the latest version of the thing yesterday. The bill would provide an additional 31 million people with health coverage. Where will the money come from? Some of it will be from a new 5 percent tax on elective plastic surgery. I can hear the conversations now: “I wanted to get my boobs done, but I ain’t waitin’ anymore! That Obama wants to tax my new boobies but I ain’t gonna let ‘im!” (New York Times)

Caster Semenya, the South African runner who won a gold medal at the world championships earlier this year and had her gender challenged by the people she beat, will keep her medal, and the prize money. But the results of her gender tests are not being released to the public. Which means that some people will think that means she’s a dude. Which kind of stinks for her. Can you imagine trying to date after this sort of thing happens? “Hey, aren’t you that girl who people think is a guy?” “Um… NO. That’s someone else.” “Really? Because I really think it was you.” “Nope. Not me. Another drink?” (New York Times)

Octomom and her brood are getting ready for their close-up. Except that they’ve been ready for a long time now. Frankly, I think Nadya Suleman has been preparing for this her entire life. She seems to like the spotlight. (New York Times)

Item from a couple of days ago: Edward Woodward died. I knew Woodward from “The Equalizer,” which was a great show from the 80’s. A nice (and long) appreciation of Woodward can be found here. (AV Club, EdgarWrightHere)

Here’s the opening from the show, which takes me back.