'Secret' DNA Test Says John Edwards is the Baby Daddy


originalWell, hello daddy.  It looks like a certain famous politian may indeed have another mouth to feed. And all bets are saying that the baby will have some pretty expensive tastes.  The National Enquire is reporting that a ‘secret’ DNA proves that John Edwards is the biological father of his former lover Rielle Hunter’s baby girl. Now, before you roll your eyes and dismiss the National Enquirer as a valid news source, you should note that they were the ones who broke the story of Edward’s affair in the first place. They so own this story.

According to the Enquirer and their source: “Rielle had no choice but to demand John take a DNA test,” said a close friend of Hunters. “She was worried about getting long-term financial support for her daughter. So she hired an attorney, and John consented to undergo a secret swab test to establish paternity.” They continued to say that “There was no surprise: The results of the DNA test proved John was Frances’ daddy.”

The tabloid also reported that lawyers for Hunter and Edwards are currently negotiating the child support payments for the 18-month-old baby. This is after Hunter testified before a federal grand jury about whether Edwards broke campaign finance laws by giving her money for her video services –  which some say goes by another name – ‘hush money’.  It sounds like there may have been lots to discuss since she was at the courthouse for nine hours and the speculation is that she testified against Edwards.

Do you believe the National Enquirer or do you think they’re just beating a dead story?