See It To Believe It: Artist Creates Illustrations Without Lines, Using Only The Word of the Object He's Drawing

Thomas Broome is one of the most amazing contemporary artists around. He works in all different kinds of mediums, including coke cans, but my favorite work of his, by far, is his Modern Mantra series.

The Swedish artist makes a bold statement with typographic illustrations. Using Indian ink on white paper he creates illustrations of rooms inside a home. The kicker; instead of traditional lines and shading he uses the word of whatever he’s drawing to create the picture. If he’s drawing a sofa he uses the word ‘sofa’ over and over again to draw the sofa; the words that describe the objects comprise the objects themselves. Each repeated word is distorted and placed in perspective to accurately represent the object it symbolizes.

These typographic illustrations are a surreal reflection on our mind’s constant definition of our surroundings. You’re not aware of it but when you see a tree your brain thinks ‘tree’ and then you’re able to define what you’re looking at in your head. It’s happening constantly. It’s happening right now as you look at your computer monitor. There! You just thought ‘monitor,’ didn’t you. Look at the keys on your computer or smartphone. ‘Keys.’

But if you want to get deeper you can read’s interpretation of the Modern Mantra series:

Broomé’s imagery shows how fashion is created by functioning in the same manner as a constructed epidemic; if a sufficient number of people repeat a logo or a brand, it finally becomes a confirmed truth.It is important to point out in this context that the English language is the most important weapon for quickly spreading these truly interactive messages all over our world.

Whatever your personal interpretation of Broome’s work each illustration in the series – most of them interiors of a home – is fascinating to see.

  • Living Room 1 of 17

     You can stare at these forever and find something new every time.

    Photo source:

  • Stairway 2 of 17

     Broome's use of blank space is just as brilliant as his word structures.

    Photo source:

  • Bathroom 3 of 17

     The way Broome manages to convey depth and height and counters is amazing, not to mention the blank white space for the tub.

    Photo source:

  • Bedroom 4 of 17

     That's a beautiful painting on the wall there, no?

    Photo source:

  • Closet 5 of 17

     The clothes and shoes are amazing. And the DRAWER with the 'base' and the 'edge.' So cool.

    Photo source:

  • Hallway 6 of 17

     Fancy hallway.

    Photo source:

  • Dining Room 7 of 17

     Dude. The chandelier is intense.

    Photo source:

  • TV Room 8 of 17

     Care for a movie? I like how he incorporated "the end" into the rest of the words on the screen to illustrate a movie.

    Photo source:

  • Kitchen 9 of 17

     I can't believe I'm just looking at a bunch of words here. Because it's a kitchen! And a bunch of words.

    Photo source:

  • Library 10 of 17

     The fan in this one kills me.

    Photo source:

  • Pool Table 11 of 17

     The lamps hanging from the chandelier are awesome.

    Photo source:

  • IKEA 12 of 17

     Can you spot the IKEA items?

    Photo source:

  • Pool 13 of 17

     I count five words used to make this one: Column, Wall, Water, Edge and Railing. Unbelievable.

    Photo source:

  • Roof Deck 14 of 17


    Photo source:

  • Office 15 of 17

     Straight out of Donald Trump's world. "You're fired."

    Photo source:

  • Bar 16 of 17


    Photo source:

  • Entry 17 of 17

     Is this a flooded home? It just hit me that the words on the floor say 'sea.' Awesome!

    Photo source:

All photos of artwork used with permission from Thomas Broome, whose work you can find here.

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