Seeing Double: Small Indian Village Has Over 200 Sets of Twins


LIFE-US-INDIA-TWINSIf you find yourself in Kodinji, India you may think you need to make an optometrist appointment, stat. Why? Because you’ll be seeing double. This small village of about 15,000 in India has about 230 sets of twins living there. A high ratio of multiple births no matter where in the world you are, clocking in at about four times the average rate of twin births.

The village has been nicknamed “the twin village.” There is no word on why there is such a preponderance of twins in this small town, but locals blame the water. A local doctor said “Based on scientific facts, we feel something in the environment is causing this.” The town is surrounded by water (in the fields) and during the monsoon season the village becomes totally inaccessible due to the heavy rains.

“It’s an amazing phenomenon to see a medical marvel occurring in such a localized place where the people are not exposed to any kinds of harmful drugs or harmful chemicals. It’s a virgin village,” said Dr Sribiju, a researcher looking into the subject.