Send Money Via Gmail? Google Lets You Send Cash As An Attachment


google-walletEver wish you could send cash in an email? Maybe make a donation for your friend’s charity run, or your portion of a birthday present, or just pay back a loan?

Well, Google wants to make that possible. Over the next few months it will be rolling out this feature to Gmail account holders over the age of 18. When you send an email, you’ll see a little dollar sign next to the attachment paperclip. Of course, you’ll need a Google Wallet account as well.

Google Wallet basically Google’s attempt to beat Paypal at its own game has been struggling to become relevant since it’s launch. But this new element might change the game; after all, Paypal has only about 110 million users while Gmail has four times that amount and if someone sends you money via Gmail, you’ll need a Google Wallet account to be able to claim the cash (although you won’t actually need a Gmail account).

Interesting. Keep an eye on your Gmail account!

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