September 11: BirthdaySpirit — A Site for People Born on 9/11


You can’t choose the color of your eyes, your height or the day you were born.  For most of us, our birthday is just a date on the calendar. Sometimes birthdays coincide with super fun days like Christmas, Valentine’s Day or 4th of July. But others aren’t as lucky. Their big day doesn’t fall on a day of celebration and joy but rather a national day of mourning. They were born on a September 11th.

For those older than ten, this day once didn’t have any significant meaning besides being their birthday. But the events of 9/11 changed all that. Their birth date suddenly became a day of sorrow and sadness. But one woman named Dahlia has decided to try to change all that with her website with the mission of “celebrating the goodness born on a tragic date.”

Dahlia was ten years old when the tragic attacks happened and said that she has “grown to accept that my special day will never be the same.” She wrote that the website is a place “for people to share their feelings, to get and give advice to those who are having trouble since this day has turned around on us, to remember the good that was born on this day, and to see what good we can do since we have this special birthday.”

The site includes suggestions for 9/11 birthday celebrants on how to reclaim the day, ways to honor the memory of those lost on 9/11, and advice and ideas of how to celebrate their birthdays in a tasteful and meaningful way. And if your child happens to have a September 11 birthday, this is something you’ll need to address in some way or another.

You can find out more about Dahlia’s mission right here.

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