Seriously? They Needed A Permission Slip For THIS?


Choice Permission slips are an important part of scholastic life. I get that.

Permission to watch the movie about menstruation? Okay. Permission to go on the field trip to the zoo? Sure. But permission to walk outside on school grounds?

“In the course of going out in nature I understand that my child may come into contact with plants and trees and see birds, bugs, animals and plants in a new way.”


As The Huffington Post reports, the parent who posted the permission slip below to Reddit was speechless. I would be too.

Take a look:

Image courtesy of Reddit.
Image courtesy of Reddit.

A Reddit commenter points out that they think the person who wrote the flyer was attempting to be humorous. “I feel like that was some very deliberate passive aggression right there. Almost as if the person writing it themselves could not believe they actually had to write out a permission document for something so completely normal.”

It has to be a joke, right? And yet it was passed off as a serious note to parents and many parents took it seriously. How would you feel if you got this note from your child’s teacher?

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