Sesame Street Calls for "Put Down the Pacifier Day"


So did you hear? November 4 is officially Put Down The Pacifier Day. Are your kids ready?

Sesame Street has put out a call to make this November 4 The Day to kick the habit — there’s even an online countdown to get your kids ready. They’re offering tips, daily video clips, and tools to help you get rid of the plug. Will you be you joining in this no-more binky initiative? 

My babies never took to a pacifier — and believe me, I tried — but I guess it was nice that we never had to worry about them getting too attached (mine just nursed forever instead.) I’m not sure I’m into forcing my toddler to quit on a certain day or that I even think there needs to be a cut-off age… but I guess letting your child participate in planning for it might be helpful.

What do you think? Did you have a hard time getting your child to kick the paci habit?

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