Sesame Street Premiere September 26: Justin Bieber Puppet! (Video)

Sesame Street 42 season premiere September 26 Justin Bieber
Sesame Street's Justin Bieber puppet!

Check out the new Sesame Street season’s video clips, including a puppet that looks a lot like Justin Bieber!

It probably wasn’t that long ago that Justin Bieber was watching Sesame Street, but how cute is this purple puppet (Bieb’s favorite color – don’t ask me why I know that), with the signature flop of hair?

The Sesame Street parody spoofs Bieber’s “Never Say Never,” with measurement being the focus here in a song called “Measure, Yeah, Measure.”

The Bieber-esque puppet is joined by Sesame Street staple Elmo.

Sesame Street’s 42nd season (wow!) premieres on September 26 and promises a great lineup of celebrity guests: Johnny Galecki, Jerry O’Connell, George Lopez, Craig Ferguson (my fave!), Nicole Kidman, Robin Williams, Amy Adams, Naomi Watts, Mila Kunis, Sofia Vergara, Andy Samberg and Emma Stone.






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