Sesame Street Remembers James Gandolfini (VIDEO)


jamesPHOTOThe news that we lost James Gandolfini last week deeply shocked and saddened me. Not only am I a huge fan of The Sopranos, but I’ve been a longtime fan of the man who played the lovable killer, Tony Soprano.

I remember living in Brooklyn and regularly seeing photos of Gandolfini in the Post and Daily News playing with his son around the city. Not only was he a fantastic actor but, by all accounts, he was a good dad.

It broke my heart to hear that his son was with him when he suffered a massive heart attack in Italy and that he leaves behind a one-year-old daughter.

There have been tributes to the consummate actor all over the internet; clips from his movies and “The Sopranos” but the one that made me smile the most came from a most unexpected place: “Sesame Street.”

At the same time he was portraying Tony Soprano back in 2002 the actor made a sweet appearance on the popular children’s program talking about feeling scared. In the wake of his death Sesame Street posted the video to its YouTube channel.

The clips shows James Gandolfini talking to Zoe Monster about his fears. Not bad reviews, mob violence or even death. He’s afraid of  the dark, getting his haircut and, giant talking vegetables. As the LA Times reports,  “it’s a tenderhearted moment and a great reminder that Gandolfini was capable of much more than threats, swearing and rage.”

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