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Sesame Street Teaches Kids How To Be Liberal

By Danielle Sullivan |

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Watch out for Big Bird and his leftist propaganda... straight from his nest.

Remember when we were young and we turned on Sesame Street to practice our ABCs and see what Big Bird was up to? That show has been a childhood favorite for generations of kids, from the Bert and Ernie from our days to Elmo and Abby Cadabby for today’s kids. My favorite character was Oscar the Grouch. To this day, I can sing his song “I Love Trash” word for word.

PBS remains the one channel I always feel comfortable having young children watch. There is no violence, bad words, over-the-top commercials, or anything that I would consider harmful in any way for even the youngest of children to view.

But a few conservatives are charging this popular kid’s show with everything from encouraging children to become liberals to teaching them to grow up without values.

Ben Shapiro says his book, Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV, is about liberal bias in the Hollywood industry. He claims the biggest Hollywood producers admitted that they bias their programming to a liberal standpoint and purposely discriminate against conservatives. Shapiro says Sesame Street is racist because they say they cater to “black and Hispanic youths who did not have reading literature in the house” and that the show has a “soft bigotry of low expectations”.

Shapiro also says the Sesame Street website encourages parents to use gender neutral language and give dolls to boys and fire trucks to girls, which Ken Blackwell, Former Ohio Secretary of State says is problematic:

“That’s setting up a problem. Just this year a high school in Virginia named a guy who was openly gay as a Prom queen. Sometimes fiction does inform reality. There’s a direct assault on this country’s moral foundation and it’s a problem.”

So I guess according to these two men, we should not be promoting tolerance and acceptance, but rather we, as parents, should spend our time teaching out kids about uniformity and mold them into cookie cutter shapes of one another.

The argument is so ridiculous it’s laughable.

Have you ever objected to anything seen on Sesame Street? Is Shapiro just going to extremes in promoting his book and disparaging Sesame Street purely for shock value?

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16 thoughts on “Sesame Street Teaches Kids How To Be Liberal

  1. DeathMetalMommy says:

    Extremes, be they conservative or liberal, are not the best way to go. I think ideals from both sides should be integrated. Aside from an ample display of Katy Perry’s rack, which actually didn’t bother me anyway, I have seen nothing objectionable on Sesame Street.

  2. bwsf says:

    I’ve never seen anything on the show that I thought had a leaning in one particular direction or another. Providing a service to underprivileged youth is so far from bigotry, I can’t even being to explain it. And gender neutrality doesn’t create gay people. I feel sad for people that think tolerance and acceptance are political statements.

  3. Angela says:

    Since when is helping minority families who do not have access to literature in their home bigotry? Are they seriously implying that Sesame Street should only be geared toward white, wealthy families? And as far as recommending allowing both genders opportunities to explore a variety of toys and roles without stereotyping is what PBS recommends because that is what any reputable study on the subject shows is most likely to produce emotionally healthy kids. Parents have the right to ignore any research or recommendations as far as their family’s concerned but they can’t expect the general public to follow suit just to accommodate their unfounded ideas.

  4. starrsitter says:

    Caring for others, diversity and tolerance, education…yup, definitely a liberal bent.

  5. KBeach says:

    OMG, it it absolutely shocking that people in this day, HIS age, (I’m hoping with an education that he has to be in the position he’s in as well) talk like this and hope to teach OTHERS this way of thinking. Ugh. It’s just depressing. Everything has to be turned political. We can’t just let our kids ENJOY watching television. If it’s HEALTHY, fun, and a learning tool… give the politics a rest already. UGH.

  6. PQBON says:

    >Caring for others, diversity and tolerance, education…yup, definitely a liberal bent.

    Sadly this is true. Listen to what conservative commentators and celebrities really say and what it really means. They don’t support diversity, or tolerance. They don’t care for others, and they think education should be the province of the rich.

    Oh they’ll say they support those things in general, but look at all the public policy they advocate and the behavior they exhibit…

  7. lam says:

    @angela – “And as far as recommending allowing both genders opportunities to explore a variety of toys and roles without stereotyping is what PBS recommends because that is what any reputable study on the subject shows is most likely to produce emotionally healthy kids. ” exactly.
    also, when are these people going to let go of the world that once was? white, sexist, segregated and set up to benefit them most of all.
    i’m not sad for people who think tolerance and acceptance are political statements, i’m furious.

  8. Lucky says:

    We did this to ourselves. (note sarcasm) When liberals insisted that other cultures be respected, bigotry became a “culture.”

  9. Michelle says:

    This is such BS. I actually had a relative argue that by featuring a biracial couple, SS was promoting liberal “counter-culture”. Um, no, that would be just an accurate depiction of everyday life, and teaching children that a family may not look like yours, but it is still a family. If this really bothers you, call your House Rep- the GOP is trying to defund SS based on this dangerous rhetoric!

  10. JuliaH says:

    This is ridiculous! Sesame Street is the best kids programming out there. It is not only entertaining for kids of all ages but also for adults. I don’t think there is anything wrong with Sesame Street encouraging tolerance and acceptance. If more kids watched Sesame Street we probably wouldn’t have the bullying problems that we do.

  11. TwinHappyJen says:

    Yes, Sesame Street is evil… teachers are spoiled and overpaid… President Obama is a secret Muslim, trying to destroy America from the inside… do these people really not hear themselves when they speak??

  12. Surviving Five says:

    This is sad, since when is acceptance, kindness and tolerance a political platform? I love Sesame Street, I think it’s a great program and thats why it’s lasted so long.

  13. cher says:

    I think it’s pretty presumptuous of him to think that “black and Hispanic youths (do) not have reading literature in the house” and that the show has a “soft bigotry of low expectations”. All those poor minorities!! Gimme a break. I guess since Big Bird doesn’t go around faith healing ppl and raising is “sword” (bible) to the neighborhood there it’s all liberal.

    Leave it to this guy, and others like Rick Santorum, who want to cut PBS funding because of this crap, trying to force an icon and pretty much a staple in American youth pop culture off the air. Sickening. Bet they watched it as kids, and still grew up to be the self-righteous a-holes that they are.

  14. Angelica says:

    What I don’t like about the show is Elmo teaching kids to speak in third person. I watched the show as a kid and I personally found it boring. Reading Rainbow, Square One, 3-2-1 Contact, Lamb Chops, and even Mr. Rogers were way more entertaining (although admittedly for older crowds). I miss those days of PBS!

  15. Emily Bartkowicz says:

    I consider myself a rather conservative individual, but the people quoted and mentioned above are so far off to the right it’s scary! I love Sesame Street and my preschoolers think it’s cool that it was my favorite show when I was a little kid, which makes them want to watch it more. I did come close once to forever banning Sesame Street in my house, when I heard that trailer trash Katy Perry and her boobs were going to be on. Thankfully the parents that prescreen the show decided not to run the episode, but I was quite shocked that the Sesame Street producers would ever consider having someone like that on the show. I sent an emial to Sesame Street to share my thoughts and lett them know of they even did go through with a poor guest choice like Katy Perry, Sesame Street would no longer run in my home.

  16. Denise says:

    I have no problem with Sesame Street or with the objections to the man who wrote the book. My only issue with this article is the idea that anyone who would teach their kids something based on moral or religious belief is “teaching their kids uniformity and molding them into cookie cutter shapes of one another.” Everyone argues that conservatives or religious people brain wash their children or teach intolerance, etc. but no one accepts the fact that the media, schools, etc. have a liberal agenda to teach children that any lifestyle is acceptable and should be celebrated. That is just as much indoctrinating children to believe something as teaching them that, for example, the Bible is our moral authority and what we should base our lives on. You dont have to agree with the Bible, but just be honest with yourselves that your kids arent getting a well rounded view of things – they are getting a liberal, accept everything as truth, view of things. If that is what you want for your kids – then just continue to let them become “cookie cutter shapes of one another” in the liberal system we have today – cause that is exactly what you will get. But for those who believe in absolute truths and a moral authority – they want to teach their kids that there is an authority that they will answer to that doesnt accept everything as truth or permissible. Again, you dont have to agree but stop acting like those people are the only ones indoctrinating their children.

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