Set Sail with Woody: Disney Finally Introduces a Pixar Cruise


This time last year I was on a Disney Cruise. And yes, I loved it. Now (understandably) a Disney Cruise isn’t for everyone, but if you’re game, it’s a great way to spend a week with the family in the middle of the ocean.

Now, one thing about Disney Cruises is that they’re all about the classic Disney characters new and old, like Snow White, Lilo, Donald and, of course, Mickey Mouse. But how about the rest of the Disney family like Buzz and Woody, the Incredibles and Remi? Don’t they get to go on a cruise? The company recently announced that starting on September 16, they will.

I’ve known some kids who are all about the Pixar movies but never really got into the Disney films, and this cruise is for them.  The Pixar cruises will be on Disney’s seven-night California Coastal journeys departing from Los Angeles from September 16 through October 14, 2012. The special Pixar perks of the trip feature a variety event,s including Pixar artists and filmmakers that will be on board to give guests on the ship an inside look at what goes into making a Pixar classic, with a focus on their upcoming feature Brave (check out my piece on the making of Brave right here). To celebrate the artistry of the films, the Art of Pixar will be an exhibit of such assets as original storyboards, concept art and paintings pieces that are rarely seen outside of Pixar’s Animation Studios in Emmeryville.  Pixar movies will be in full rotation playing by the pool, in the staterooms and also in the ship’s massive movie theater with the new Finding Nemo 3D being a featured attraction. And of course, Pixar characters will be milling about for meets and greets.

Really, who hasn’t wanted to take a cruise with Woody?!? If you want to find out more about the Pixar Cruise you can check it out here.

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