Seven Great Gifts For Mom Bloggers

So, you’ve got a mom blogger in your life and you’re wondering what to get her, exactly, for the holidays. It’s easy to think, “Hey, she’s got a LOT of swag, why bother?” But trust me, THAT would be a huge mistake. All hard working mom bloggers want something perfect under the tree (should your particular mom blogger have such a tree, of course). (In other words, forgive me for the Christmas nature of this post.)

So here are some great suggestions for the mom who blogs on your list, in descending order. And trust me I know that this list will reek of privilege, and some most folks will find these items out of their reach… but Christmas is a time of fantasy and wishes, so just enjoy.

7. A new smartphone. With unlimited data but restricted “Put down that phone!” complaining. Yes, we need the latest and bestest and shiniest new one. We do. We really do. And, look, we know. It’s annoying how often we look at our phones. But the entire nature of our jobs hangs on our being on top of our online life at every moment. We’ll work harder to set aside a no-phone-zone if you promise not to complain when we have work that needs doing, okay?

6. A tablet of some kind ah, hell. We really want an iPad. Yes, the Kindle Fire is cheaper, and the nook can get online, but really, we just want the damned iPad. Really. We do. No, we don’t need it. We also don’t care. We covet. And that’s okay.

5. A new computer. I cannot tell you the number of mom bloggers I know working on half-broken laptops, desktops that can barely handle dial up, don’t have wireless, can’t show a video… If this sounds like the mom blogger in your life, well, it might be time to take a hard look at the budget and see if a new computer is an option. She needs it. I promise.

4. The registration and hotel for her favorite blogging conference. We know, it’s hard on you partners that stay home while your globe trotting mom blogger is away weekend after weekend at events and conferences, but trust me, it matters to her. She will thank you in very good ways.

3. Two hours of uninterrupted work time a day. It’s not a lot. Really. Just two hours. That’s all we want. Just two sweet, lovely, fabulous hours that we can use to meet our deadlines and get it all done without the cry of “Mommy!” breaking our concentration. Just two teeny weeny little hours. Please. We’re begging.

2. Respect. It’s tough being a mom blogger sometimes, but particularly when you don’t have family supporting your endeavors. Sure, sometimes blogging can be a big time investment without much of a payday. We know. But we love it, mom blogging makes us happy, so please. Respect our choice to do this thing. It matters to us.

1. You. Ultimately, the one thing we want more than anything is you and our families. We love you more than life itself. Even if we did make fun of you that one time in a blog post.

Happy Holidays. And you’re welcome.


Article Posted 4 years Ago
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