Seven-Year-Old Clears German Road For Dad


110359382129_cropWhen we head up to Lake Tahoe every February, one of the incidental highlights of the trip for my kids is seeing the giant snow-plowing front-end loader that comes up the road every morning.  My kids aren’t alone, it appears, in their love of snowplows.  A seven-year-old in the town of Reinfeld in Northeast Germany decided to do something nice for his dad and his community.  His father had recently complained about the state of the roads so the boy took it upon himself to correct the situation.  He borrowed a front-end loader from his parents’ business and got busy plowing.

He had cleared the street and was on his way back to the parking lot when the police pulled up behind him.  He pulled over immediately.  According to the police report, “he opened the door, got out and admitted immediately that he did not have a driving licence.”  So not only is he civically-minded, he’s also honest.  The police officers returned both the boy and the snowplow safely to the boy’s parents.  Presumably, his dad will be in good spirits, now that the road problem has been taken care of.  Perhaps that will mitigate the issue of being brought home by the cops at only seven years old.

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