Shiny New Object: Jux


Oh, how I love a new shiny thing! And Jux, pretty pretty pretty Jux, is indeed very shiny. So what is Jux?

Jux is sort of like Tumblr, but not. It’s sort of like a blog platform, but not. It’s sort of like Flickr, but not. It’s got a touch of in it, but it’s not that either.

What Jux is, basically, is the prettiest darn hosting site for images and words that I’ve ever seen. It uses images in the full screen, and places words on it like a magazine page. It also lets you create a slide show, post a typical blog entry, add video, create a countdown, or post a simple photo. Regardless of what you post, however, one thing shines through: it all looks gorgeous.

As soon as I read about Jux, I ran over (okay, I clicked, whatEVER) and set up an account. I meant to just look through it and then come here and write about it, but instead, I got utterly immersed in the new platform. I set up a quote block using one of my favorite quotes from author Octavia Butler, and then started to set up a slideshow of my photos from BlogHer. Sadly, I hit a snag there, and rather than continue trying to fix it I decided to come over here and write about it. But I gotta tell you, I’m itching to get back over there.

I’m already designing the tab in my main blog’s nav bar to link to this site. I suspect I’ll be using it a LOT.

Courtney Boyd Myers at The Next Web theorizes that Jux has taken a page from Instagram and other “shiny objects” by holding back a bit and learning from the mistakes of others. I think that makes a lot of sense, but seriously, all I can see is PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY.

I can’t wait to see what photographers, artists, crafters, foodies, and other content producers do with Jux. Look at these photos from a storm in Arizona, this poetic moment, and this journey through Route 66. I can see this becoming the most popular sharing site since Instagram. Take a look and tell me what you think!

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