Yep, there’s another new and awesome social service out there: Clipboard. It’s still in beta, and only a very few folks have invites yet (in fact, I don’t have one, darn it all). Uncrunched described it as “Delicious meets Pinterest”; it’s a place where you can post clips from any website, text OR images, and organize it into categories, like the boards on Pinterest (in fact, the above image is from Clipboard’s “tech” section).

Unlike Pinterest or Delicious, not only do the “clips” on Clipboard post an image of the site you want to keep, it actually keeps all of the HTML coding so that when you click on a clip, you see it as it’s meant to be.

Here’s a screenshot; as you can see, it does look a lot like Pinterest.

Halfway through writing this post I actually managed to wrangle an invite. So, I’ve been playing around a bit and while it is definitely much more tech-heavy than Pinterest, I think overall the site can be summed up as: Pinterest for BOYS.

I know. The site is actually an amazing bit of web wizardry, so I shouldn’t be so dismissive and reduce it to that. But as I search through the things already posted on the site, it’s clear that it’s got more men playing there than women at this point, and in fact, I think most women would consider the site to be too similar to Pinterest to be worth investing a fair amount of time in.

Nonetheless, I do believe that it can be a valuable resource of information. If you get an invitation, I highly recommend signing up for the service and checking it out. If nothing else, it sure is shiny!

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