Shiny Object: Facebook Timeline


See that right there?

That’s what your Facebook profile is going to look like sometime in the coming weeks.

Yep. It looks… familiar. Like a blog, with a dash of, maybe a little Google+…

Whatever. It’s SHARP.

It’s not rolled out fully yet, but with a little help from Tech Crunch I was able to set mine up already.

Here’s what’s awesome. It’s a timeline, for real, like the ones you had to do for social studies classes. I can scroll all the way back to the first day I started on Facebook. It’s amazing. Here’s a rundown of the features.

• Instead of a sidebar, your friends, photos, map, and likes are under the top photo running across the top. I have a vague memory if Facebook being like that roughly 80 changes ago. Maybe.

• Right under your photo is your work, school, location, and spouse/partner (should you have one)

• Status update box is now on the top left, under the nav bar

• Recent activity is on the right under the nav bar

• Status updates alternate from left to right

Overall, I think it’s a vast improvement on the current Facebook profile, and quite possibly the only change I’ve seen in this latest roll out that I like. What do you think?

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