Shiny Object! Intel's What About Me


Have you ever wondered what an infographic of your social media broadcasting would look like?


Yep, the geniuses at Intel have created the fun new app What About Me? and it generates an infographic of your social media behavior.

Sweet, right?

Although I confess; I was surprised to see I talk about food 31% of the time. Um, not a food blogger. Apparently I complain too much about eating gummy vitamins for lunch. Ahem.

The app states:

Social media users know that discovery is half the fun. With What about Me? you can capture a snapshot of your social media life and create your own colorful image, full of clues and facts about one of the most fascinating subjects in the world — you!

It’s simple enough; you approve the app on Facebook and Twitter (with the usual grandiose permissions) and they pull your data and assess it to create the infographic. This is what it looks like:


Pretty cool, right? I love how it makes me want to fine tune my “messaging” so that I can include this in a media kit. Heh.

Major hat tip to the lovely ladies at Cool Mom Tech who tipped me off to this sweet new app! If you love all things mom and tech, you should definitely check them out (and sign up for their newsletters which are like little emailed presents, seriously).

Check it out and enjoy!

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