Shiny Object: Kred Story


So tonight I got an email inviting me to check out the new Kred Story feature. Here’s how Kred announced the feature on their blog:

Kred Story displays a personal, visual stream of your social media history that makes it easy to understand your influence.

This is a huge step for social analytics.  Our mission in creating Kred Story is to give everyone access to social data in way that is intuitive, meaningful and fun.

Okay, that’s all really nice and all, but here’s the thing that’s gonna make us social media junkies SQUEE: it’s your social media story, set up in cool pictures like Pinterest, WITH STATS.

In otherwords, it’s AWESOME. Check it out!

  • Your Story 1 of 5
    Your Story
    On the first page of your Kred Story, you'll see your Kred as well as some other basic stats about you. COOL.
  • Your Story, More 2 of 5
    Your Story, More
    When you scroll down, you'll see some of your most popular tweets, including your most popular retweets.
  • Kred, Global 3 of 5
    Kred, Global
    If you click on the tabs on the top of Kred Story, you'll see this. This is "Kred Global."
  • Influencers 4 of 5
    Kred also offers a snap shot of well known influencers and their Kred Stories.
  • Pop Culture 5 of 5
    Pop Culture
    Kred also lets you look at the Kred Story for popular books, television shows, and movies. This is the Kred Story for 50 Shades of Gray.

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