Shiny Object Of AWESOME: StickNFind Bluetooth Locator Stick On Button


It’s about this time each year that I begin drooling over the cool stuff that’s going to be shown at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, being held in Vegas next week. I’m a gadget geek, and I would just drift around in total nerd bliss.

But there’s at least one product being displayed there that I DESPERATELY want and NEED. It’s that little circle over there: a bluetooth stick-on finding device, the StickNFind.

Oh, come to mama, you sweet little thing.

Just think: kid’s shoes! The remote! The damn cat! Everything could be stuck with one of these little devices (which you know willl get even smaller in the second build), and then you can use your phone to find them.

Just think: you will never lose your keys again. Can you imagine? The bliss of being like, “Oh, hang out, let me pull it up on mah phone” instead of being all running crazy and flinging every pillow from the couch on the floor while the kids are crying that you’re late for school and they’ll miss the bus?

What, just me?

THIS MUST COME TO MARKET. And fast. Don’t worry they far exceeded their hoped for $70,000 in funding on Indiegogo and ended up with over half a million dollars. Clearly the rest of the world sees the need for this too.

I cannot WAIT to put one on my cat.

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