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The sleekification of social media continues! At last, a true competitor to LinkedIn has stepped up to the plate. A beautiful midpoint between your stuffy LinkedIn profile and your beautiful splash page at, takes the best of both of them and creates a gorgeous place for you to host your professional resume.

LinkedIn, if you don’t know, is the social network for business professionals that launched in 2002 and as of August 2011 has over 120 million members across the world. LinkedIn offers many of the same elements as Facebook, but with a strict focus on the business end of things. You can email folks, search for jobs, post messages on walls, and upload your Twitter stream to LinkedIn to showcase all of your professional skills (in my case, it’s best that my Twitter stream is nowhere near my professional credentials, ahem).

But there’s no doubt that LinkedIn, which clearly attempted to make the layout of Facebook in the early days with its Facebook blue and white motif, is not beautiful. Not even a little. Here’s my LinkedIn profile (click to embiggen):



Obviously functional, but the print is small, the ads on the sidebar are somewhat confusing (not to mention kinda ugly), and there is nothing dynamic or distinctive about my profile, other than my photo.

Now, take at my profile on

Sharp, right? The influence from is obvious here.

Once I was clued in to, I logged in with Facebook, imported my info from LinkedIn, took a few clicks to customize the color of my header background (you’ll note it’s the same color as my photo), chose a font, and kaboom: a beautiful professional profile for me, just like that.

Obviously it will take some time for to match the networking capability of LinkedIn; I’m in the “500 Club” of LinkedIn (a fact, by the way, that has gotten me zero jobs) and I can’t yet find anyone I know on (although they make it easy to search, I’ll say that). But for the first time I think there’s a fair chance that LinkedIn has some real competition.

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