Shiny Object: The Mailbox App


mailboxIn my continuing quest to get to inbox zero at the end of each day, I’ve been searching for better ways to keep my email sorted and organized. I’ve had my eye on the pretty new Mailbox App for a while now, but it wasn’t until I saw the below great review by the folks at Cult of Mac that I got really excited.

Unlike any other mailbox system I’ve seen, Mailbox allows you to assign a time to review an email if you can’t deal with it right away. This is ideal for me because I tend to just let emails I can’t get to right that minute pile up in my inbox until a later date, but that can really add up. By the end of the week I’ll find myself with over fifty emails that I’ve put off, and trying to prioritize the most important is a real time suck.

Sadly, I have over 700,000 people in front of me to get the Mailbox app for my iPhone (which is currently free), so I might have to wait a bit to get my hands on it. Sadly, there is no desktop version yet for Mailbox (nor have I gotten any info about how Mailbox may affect how your Gmail, for instance, appears on your desk or laptop) although I’m looking for something like it.

Check out the review, and let me know what you think. Note: yes, Mailbox is having some issues today. That doesn’t change it’s awesomeness.

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