Shiny Object: Vizify's Graphic Bios


Ooh, this one is FUN. Ever wanted your own personal infographic? Well, now you can!

Vizify, the company that brought us the TweetSheet, has launched a gorgeous new service: creating amazing graphic bios of your social media profiles.

Here’s how they introduce the service:

First, second, even third impressions don’t just happen across conference tables or at cocktail parties anymore. If you use social media regularly, chances are good that your future boss, potential clients, even your next drinking buddy, are getting to know you by going online.

This is why they’ve introduced the graphic bios. In one beautiful, custom designed layout, you get to go far beyond your profile into something totally new.

This is what it looks like.


Gorgeous, right?

It took me a whole to sort out what I wanted to share, set up the colors, and do the rest of the customization, but now that it’s done it’s quite lovely, I think.

I’m absolutely switching my twitter landing page from to this. BEAUTIFUL.

Sadly, it’s in Beta right now, so you have to sign up to get an invite, but go here if you want to sign up.

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