SH*T Mom Bloggers Say

The lovely Brandi of MamaKnows It All

Last week Tweetdeck was wonky. I, like, wasn’t seeing your tweet from two minutes ago so it looked like I was ignoring you and I wasn’t, I swear, it was the Twitter API being messed up, so naturally, I tweeted, “Is Twitter weird for anyone else?” This is the sh*t a mom blogger says. We all do it. “Why is Facebook putting that in my timeline?” or “What the hell with Pinterest taking so long to load already?” or “Why isn’t my spellcheck working in wordpress?”

We all do it. We do. The internet is equally addictive and irritating.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the controversy over the latest in the “Sh*t ________ Says” videos that are sweeping YouTube these days. Blogger Franchesa Leigh Ramsey caused a massive stir with her recent “Sh*t White Girls Say to Black Girls” video (which I found hilarious), a great spoof of the original video “Sh*t Girls Say” (which I found less hilarious).

But, finally, we mom bloggers now have our own! The amazing and gorgeous Brandi of the blog Mommy Knows It All has created the perfect video for us. After the jump, find the awesomeness of “Sh*t Mom Bloggers Say.”

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