Shoppers Plan to Ditch Black Friday in Favor of Cyber Monday... Will You? (Video)


You have one more week to prepare.  Not for Thanksgiving, but for Black Friday.  That is, if you have decided to make your holiday list, pack your coupons, and brave the crowds.  There is plenty of advice out there to maximize your experience.

Heck…. there are dozens of stores that are even opening Thanksgiving NIGHT just to entice you with their holiday specials.

But will you take the retailers up on their dare?  Will you crawl out of your warm beds where you’ve been rendered comatose by tryptophan to join the masses?

Or will you wait patiently for the next best thing: Cyber Monday?  According to a new survey from, more than half of you think Monday is the play.

Why? Watch and share your thoughts and strategies.