Stop The "Fat Talk": What One Cereal Company Is Doing to Put an End to Body Shaming (VIDEO)

Sign on display at this boutique.
Sign on display at this boutique.

It’s called “fat talk.”

It’s being a bully… to yourself.

I do it to myself all the time. Every day. Whether it’s a quick glimpse of my backside in a mirror, answered with a grimace of disgust, or angrily grabbing a handful of muffin top and vocally berating myself, I am a big old bully.

Now, a popular company is trying to draw attention to the phenomenon so that women can stop treating themselves so badly. Popular cereal brand Special K is behind this campaign and, as notes, it just might be a bit hypocritical from a food company that runs ads that ask “What will you gain when you lose?” But, I disagree.

Special K has built a brand around making healthy choices, not promoting an impossibly skinny standard of life. I think their “Shhhhut Down Fat Talk” campaign dovetails nicely with their main message of maintaining physical fitness and making positive eating choices.

The company uploaded “Shhhhut Down The Fat Talk” to YouTube on December 2nd and it’s already received nearly 1.3 million views. The company says: From “joking” about cankles to destructive self-deprecation, fat talk has become part of ordinary conversation, spoken without a second thought. We believe that fat talk is a barrier to managing our weight and, when 93% of women are doing it, we’re all further from reaching our goals. We’ve proven a positive approach is the key to weight management success. So we showed women what fat talk really sounds like. Let’s join together to silence negativity and shout for positivity.

As one of the curators over at Upworthy notes, as this genius ad shows, sometimes you have to get outside yourself to see the effect your self-talk has. So, be prepared to step outside yourself and see just how badly you’ve been bullying yourself. Stop the fat talk!

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