Should Brad And Angie Get Married For The Kids? Should You?

Should these two get hitched for the kids' sakes?

Word is out that Brad and Angelina’s kids want them to get married. The couple has six kids, ages 9 to 2. Can these six little charmers accomplish what all the media pressure in the world has failed to and get Brangelina to tie the knot?

More important: should they? The couple has claimed they’re holding off on getting married in solidarity with gay couples who can’t marry. Which is a good reason not to get hitched. On the other hand, doing it for the kids is a time-honored tradition. There are plenty of people who think parents should be married. Does it really matter?

TIME doesn’t think so. They write:

The data is clear that long-term, monogamous, loving relationships between parents are very good for children. History also seems to suggest that these relationships are facilitated by the institution of marriage (though that may be changing).

It’s being together that matters, not being married. Yes, marriage has been an indicator of longevity for relationships in the past, but there are plenty of long-term unmarried couples out there, doing all the things married people do. There’s no reason for anyone to get married unless they want to. Or possibly, unless their kids want them to.

I tied the knot when I was pregnant with my first. My kids definitely love knowing that their parents are married, but I think they’d get just as much love and stability from Mom and Dad if we were living in sin.

Would you get married if your kids asked you to? Did having kids influence your feelings about marriage?