Should Mel Gibson Get Custody of His Infant Daughter?


It seems less and less likely that Gibson will get even shared custody of his infant daughter, Lucia, as her mother and Gibson’s former mistress, Oksana Grigorieva, provides more damning audio to Radar online.  In a sixth tape, released yesterday, Grigorieva says, “You hit me, and you hit her (Lucia) while she was in my hands!  Mel, you’re losing your mind.  You need medication.”

Gibson’s response?  A string of expletives, followed by screaming, “I want my child, and no one will believe you!”

Despite Gibson’s lunatic, tormenting (and tormented) rants, he still appears to think he’s a fit parent.  He can be heard in the most recent recording threatening, “I will have that child, easily,” telling his former mistress, “They won’t let you keep her because they’ll know what you are!”

The world certainly knows what you are now, Mel Gibson.  (As if we didn’t already, sugar t*ts.)  But will any of this evidence hold up in court?

According to the LA Times Ministry of Gossip, the reason Gibson hasn’t commented about the tapes is because he was recorded without permission and is hoping Grigorieva will be punished for that offense.  Cynthia Orr, president of the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, says, “If they say that these tapes were made illegally, they’re then verifying their authenticity.”

Another post by the LA Times suggests that were these tapes made to procure an admission of a felony, they may be permissible in California court.  Otherwise, this may all just be a smear campaign to ruin Gibson’s public image.  TMZ reported yesterday that Grigorieva signed an agreement with Gibson “for a $15 million package, which would have kept the Mel tapes secret, but she ultimately walked away from it.”

So what does Grigorieva really want here?  Gibson has accused her of extortion, but she walked away from 15 million dollars.  If you listen to the sixth tape, she makes it pretty clear that she wants custody of her daughter and to “disappear” from Gibson’s life.  Do you think Gibson has a right to shared custody?  Maybe visitation in the presence of a social worker?  Does his erratic behavior influence your opinion of his ability to parent?

Photo: ecelebritygossip