Should Survivor Producer Suspected of Murdering Mom Get Custody of Their Children?


What should happen to the kids when police suspect dad murdered mom, but no charges have been filed?

That’s the question currently the subject of a Los Angeles custody hearing involving the two children of former Survivor producer Bruce Beresford-Redman, whom Mexican authorities believe killed his wife while the couple was vacationing in the country earlier this year.

Monica Beresford-Redman’s strangled and bludgeoned body was discovered in the sewer of a Cancun resort this past March. Mexican police deemed her husband the lead suspect in her death, confiscated his passport and denied him permission to return to the United States. (Update: he was charged with her murder on May 31.) However, the former Survivor producer was somehow able to return to California this week.

Since April, the couple’s two children Camila and Alec — have been in the temporary custody of Bruce Redman-Beresford’s parents. But as soon as their son re-emerged in the United States, they petitioned the courts to be removed as guardians of the kids, an action widely viewed as a way of returning the children to their father.

However, Monica Beresford-Redman’s sisters have stepped forward, arguing that the lead suspect in the death of the children’s mother should not have custody of her children even if that person happens to be the children’s father. They are also furious that that the senior Beresford-Redman’s told the children falsely that their mother died in a car accident.

Do you think dad should have custody of the kids since innocent till proven guilty, after all? Or do you think there is no way on earth these children should reside with a man suspected of killing their mom? If so, with whom should they live with? The paternal grandparents? Mom’s sisters? Or someone else entirely?


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